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Ed Holinski

Livonia, MI
Vistage Chair since 2019

I’m building a diverse team of life-long learners who want to help others. My job is to engage the right leaders and unleash their energy and talents.


Barb Lawton

Plymouth, MI
Vistage Chair since 2011

I have the opportunity to serve and learn from a group of committed and caring professional business leaders. Their desire to continuously develop as leaders motivates me to be the best Chair and coach I can by introducing excellent speakers, facilitating meaningful dialogue, and encouraging truthful and compassionate support of each other.


Danny Hyman

Plymouth, MI
Vistage Chair since 2018

As a Vistage Chair I get to focus
on two of my favorite passions…
developing better leaders and
driving better business performance.


Erik Larson

Petoskey, MI
Vistage Chair since 2011

Our individual human journeys are most meaningful when we embrace the power of continued development and change – this commitment allows for more full expression of our personal potential and positive impact for others. Being a Chair both allows me to walk this journey for myself and to guide others as they create new boundaries for their professional and personal journeys.


Jim Heller

Northville, MI
Vistage Chair since 2019

I appreciate those who stood beside me during the challenging, exciting and rewarding times of my personal and professional lives. As a Vistage chair, I am honored to do the same for others and bring people together to support one another.


Kelly Scheer

Northville, MI
Vistage Chair since 2020

Doing well by doing good! As a
Vistage Chair, I support CEOs
and leaders who want to better
the world through work.


Robert Holland

Ann Arbor, MI
Vistage Chair since 2001

It is an honor and a privilege for me
to work with company leaders in
Michigan to make a positive
difference in their lives and in turn,
those of their families and associates.


Joe Sadler

West Bloomfield, MI
Vistage Chair since 2016

Growth thrives when we look inward and challenge ourselves to question our “knowns”, leverage experiences and perspectives and learn from self-reflection and that of others’ to uncover blind spots, and ultimately, create better outcomes and life experiences.


Jane Owen

Grosse Pointe Shores, MI
Vistage Chair since 2018

Vistge members make the brave decisions
to invest in their learning and it’s my job
to ensure they receive an ROI.


Brian Suszek

New Baltimore, MI
Vistage Chair since 2022

It is a privilege to work with leaders that are open-minded and committed to taking their life and organization to the next level. I am dedicated to their success and the positive ripple effects they make in the world.


Greg Scheessele

Bloomfield Hills, MI
Vistage Chair since 2018

Vistage is the ideal opportunity to bring together my passion for building high-performing teams and significant business success for those team members.


David Duthie

Highland, MI
Vistage Chair since 2012

I believe my critical role as a Chair
is to make a difference. Be right there,
in the moment with and for my members, listen actively, challenge respectfully, embrace accountability and measure progress toward their goals.


Bernie Kerschbaum

Southeastern MI
Vistage Chair since 2023

Leaders create autonomy and make positive differences in their lives and the lives they touch. As a chair, I devote my energy to helping executives develop their leadership skills and help others solve their most pressing issues and opportunities. Tapping into the experiences of others in a powerful group of like-minded peers can quickly transform your company, family, and community.


Marc Langs

Traverse City MI
Vistage Chair since 2023

Life is about the people you meet and what you create with them along the way. My hope is to lead by example creating a ripple effect in our community, making it a better place.

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